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Fundraising Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in Portsmouth, NH! It was great to hand out some fliers, talk to new people and spread the word about the work we do. Sometimes I forget that everyone isn't as conscious about what's going on in Haiti as the people directly around me are, so it was definitely a change of pace. We got some new people interested, talked about Haiti, raised some money and enjoyed some delicious pizza from the wonderful people at the Portsmouth Flatbread Company. (Thank you Flatbread, once again!!)

Global DIRT and Can-do.org on AC360

Just a quick update for those who missed the flurry of tweets and Facebook messages. Global DIRT was mentioned on the July 13 episode of Anderson Cooper 360 (or AC360).

Extreme Humanitarianism

Today, Vanity Fair's July 2010 edition was released and Global DIRT received a big jump in publicity. Excitingly, our hard work and close relationship with the team at JP/HRO got us a brief mention in the article focusing on Penn and his hard work in Haiti. The article focuses on Penn's devotion to his cause in Haiti and how he manages his camp. Global DIRT is mentioned due mainly to the tireless and creative efforts of Adam Marlatt.

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