Volunteer Experiences: Michael Kantor

This was to be my second trip volunteering in Haiti. The first was an eye opening experience, both horrifying and inspiring. The people of Haiti have been dealt a hand that is for most impossible to comprehend; yet they continue to smile and laugh and want nothing more than to work and be part of their solution. My time there was a short two weeks, but the day I left I knew I would be back.

Sharing Teddy Bears

We would like to take a moment to share a wonderful Christmas story that exemplifies the selflessness and amazing cooperation of the small NGO's that we work with in Haiti. The tireless and selfless work of our partner organizations deserves recognition and we felt that this heartwarming story about the Christmas delivery of a huge teddy bear donation would be the best possible example.

How You Can Help Haiti, Even If You Can't Go

We all know about the great need for doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and trained hands on the ground in Haiti. Many potential volunteers are eager to help in the aftermath of all that Haiti has suffered but simply lack medical training. And for many, the time commitment to fly to Haiti and work in the country is simply too much with the hectic life of home and work. However, we can still help Haiti, even if we are incapable of getting into the country and doing the manual labor ourselves.

Global DIRT Haiti Update

Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (DIRT) members have been continuing relief efforts on the ground in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake and have most recently responded to both Hurricane Tomas and the cholera outbreak.

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

The recent and rapidly growing epidemic of cholera in Northern Haiti has grabbed the attention of the Global DIRT medical team. We have already sent a team to Artibonite to gather information and assess which specific aid will be required in the area. Primarily, Global DIRT hopes to install a Noah Water Purification System in the affected area to clean up the drinking water of the displaced persons and curb further outbreaks of cholera. The NOMAD Purification system is capable of producing 136,000 liters of potable water daily.

Fundraising Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in Portsmouth, NH! It was great to hand out some fliers, talk to new people and spread the word about the work we do. Sometimes I forget that everyone isn't as conscious about what's going on in Haiti as the people directly around me are, so it was definitely a change of pace. We got some new people interested, talked about Haiti, raised some money and enjoyed some delicious pizza from the wonderful people at the Portsmouth Flatbread Company. (Thank you Flatbread, once again!!)

Fundraiser Night at the Portsmouth, NH Flatbread

Tonight, from 5pm until close, the Portsmouth, NH Flatbread Company will be hosting a benefit night for Global DIRT. We will have team members there to talk to people joining us for the event as well as a photo slide-show of some of our work.

Global DIRT and Can-do.org on AC360

Just a quick update for those who missed the flurry of tweets and Facebook messages. Global DIRT was mentioned on the July 13 episode of Anderson Cooper 360 (or AC360).

Restrepo Event - Washington DC

Recently, Global DIRT was invited to attend the Washington, DC showing of Restrepo, a documentary following one platoon throughout their entire deployment in Afghanistan's most dangerous region. The premiere in DC enabled our group the unique chance to branch into meeting other military-inspired organizations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kanani Fong, of The Kitchen Dispatch blog, who initially contacted us with the invitation to the event.