Extreme Humanitarianism

Today, Vanity Fair's July 2010 edition was released and Global DIRT received a big jump in publicity. Excitingly, our hard work and close relationship with the team at JP/HRO got us a brief mention in the article focusing on Penn and his hard work in Haiti. The article focuses on Penn's devotion to his cause in Haiti and how he manages his camp. Global DIRT is mentioned due mainly to the tireless and creative efforts of Adam Marlatt.

Interview with DIRT’s Kim Driscoll on The Grotto Blog

Since my return from Haiti late last month, I have had the pleasure of working alongside my friend Kim Driscoll in our ongoing efforts to raise awareness around the Haitian plight and Global DIRT’s efforts in Haiti. Kim’s primary focus has been reaching out to the online community via DIRT’s Twitter account (@globalDIRT), and our local community, in an attempt to gather support at a grassroots level. She’s also taken charge of planning and coordinating local fundraisers and events, and is the primary reason that people outside of Port-Au-Prince know what Global DIRT is and what we do!