Global D.I.R.T Structure

Executive Director – Brendan Harvey
Brendan Harvey volunteered in Haiti during the cholera epidemic and electoral violence of 2010. He also coordinated Global DIRT’s reponse team for radiation monitoring across Fukushima Prefecture after the 2011 Nuclear Reactor Incident.

Medical Director – Dr. Glen Castaneda
Glen Castaneda is a Pediatrician based out of New York State. Glen’s passion for medicine began while attending College at a Military Acedemy in the Philipines, based on his new found passion he switched degree’s and hasn’t looked back since. He dedicates nearly half his time per year practicing in foriegn countries providing medical care to underserved populations. Dr.Castaneda’s volunteering has taken him across the world from Asia, to Africa, and the Caribbean leading medical missions and much needed care providing care.

Director of Government Relations – Shafi Rehman
Shafi Rehman has volunteered and led medical teams in Haiti since the January 2010 earthquake. He studied international development at George Washington University and is an ER technician at its university hospital in Washington, D.C. Additionally Shafi has traveled to Haiti on numerous occasions in support of the Global DIRT EMS infrastructure build.

Regional Directors

Europe – Thorsten Schroer
Throsten Schroer is a paramedic and former German soldier. He volunteered extensively in Haiti immediately after the January earthquake providing EMS support to the Petionville camp of over 50,000 IDP’s. Additionally, Thorsten has operated as a flight medic with the United Nations in Sudan and returned to Haiti to assist with the cholera outbreak in November 2010.

North America & Caribbean – Sarah Grosh
Sarah Grosh is a RN who began volunteering with Global DIRT after the cholera outbreak in Saint-Marc in October 2010. Utilizing a spare ambulance and GD combat medics, they operated the only functional on-call ambulance in the days after the outbreak. Sarah has continued working in Haiti over the past 2 years, providing medical care, pre-hospital transport, EMS training, and infrastructure development.

Central & South America – Rebecca Gimbel
Rebecca Gimbel is an anthropology graduate student who has traveled extensively through out South America for her work. Additionally she has spent several months in Haiti post-earthquake providing relief and is a permanent staff member residing in-country.

Middle East & Southwest Asia – Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson has spent extensive time volunteering as an EMT in Haiti, where he operated as Country Director before becoming the Middle East & Southwest Asia Director. He holds an M.Sc. in Global Health Management and has most recently worked on international development projects in Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and South Africa, among others. Mark is currently deployed to the Philippines where he is piloting a partnership between Global DIRT and American Refugee Committee to build capacity for the relief-to-recovery phase following natural disasters.

Systems, Support, & Finance

Software Systems Lead – Dan Shea
Dan Shea is the Lead Software Systems Developer, currently tasked with all software development on Global DIRT platforms and software solutions. He is single-handedly responsible for all submitted code and database design for the Patient Information and Logistics System (PILS), electronic medical records (online & offline versions), database design and search function for post-disaster lost persons locator. Future projects include development of a standardized toolset for use on mobile phones & laptops for all NGOs to use when responding to disasters. Dan is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences at the University of New Hampshire.

Director of Systems and Technology – Paul VanGundy
Paul VanGundy is the Information Technology and Systems Coordinator for Global DIRT and has been since approximately April of 2010. He supports all Global DIRT servers and provides consultation on all technology related projects. He frequently provides the team with hardware requirements for disaster toolkits. He served as a Communications Officer in the United States Military and also holds a great deal of industry-recognized certifications in the technology field.