Volunteer Experiences

Volunteer Experiences: Evie

It has been a privilege to volunteer with Global DIRT. This is my fourth trip to Haiti and my third time being part of Global DIRT. This organization is truly making a difference in the lives of the Haitian people. After the earthquake, I had […]

Volunteer Experiences: Heidi

I had the privilege of organizing a volunteer trip to Haiti for myself and 5 other pediatric nurses from MN with Global DIRT. I have been on other mission trips before; I have even organized them. If all goes well, you go to a place […]

Volunteer Experiences: Alexandra

The woman in the white dress fell through the door just as I was kneeling down to assess the 75 year old woman sitting in a chair in front of me. The scene seemed almost surreal- foreign- as she wailed clutching her round belly. We […]

Volunteer Experiences: Kerry Appleton

DIRT had the privilege of hosting Kerry Appleton as part of a team of six pediatric nurses for a week at the end of October. These women worked tirelessly all week long to provide the people of Port-au-Prince with the best care possible. Kerry shared […]

Volunteer Experiences: Cristin Senior

Weather The weather here has been in the low 90s during the day and the high 60s/low70s during the night. I can tell that the humidity is higher here but not unbearable. It feels hot during the day but the sun isn’t unbearable and the […]

Volunteer Experiences: Michael Kantor

Volunteer Experiences: Michael Kantor

This was to be my second trip volunteering in Haiti. The first was an eye opening experience, both horrifying and inspiring. The people of Haiti have been dealt a hand that is for most impossible to comprehend; yet they continue to smile and laugh and […]