Volunteer Experiences: Heidi

I had the privilege of organizing a volunteer trip to Haiti for myself and 5 other pediatric nurses from MN with Global DIRT. I have been on other mission trips before; I have even organized them. If all goes well, you go to a place and provide the service that the organization you are volunteering with specializes in. This trip was different in every way. We told Sarah what our interests were and she put together a perfect volunteer experience for us.

Global DIRT isn’t about getting the glory, it’s about going to Haiti and working to help the people who need it most. And that’s what I felt when I was there; I was doing work that was truly needed and helping people who really needed the help I could offer. Global DIRT started as a medical transport organization. But they didn’t stop there. They continued to develop bonds with other organizations in Haiti also providing essential services. I never felt that I was doing the same thing that 10 other groups were doing because Global DIRT just sent us to volunteer with those groups instead of duplicating services. Sarah provided us with the opportunity to understand and experience what was happening in Haiti, instead of what was happening in a hospital in Haiti. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, but well cared for the entire time. For anyone considering doing a mission trip, I highly recommend Global DIRT. They are an amazing group and I am honored to have worked with them.

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