Fundraising Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in Portsmouth, NH! It was great to hand out some fliers, talk to new people and spread the word about the work we do. Sometimes I forget that everyone isn’t as conscious about what’s going on in Haiti as the people directly around me are, so it was definitely a change of pace. We got some new people interested, talked about Haiti, raised some money and enjoyed some delicious pizza from the wonderful people at the Portsmouth Flatbread Company. (Thank you Flatbread, once again!!)

Not only that, we got a chance to raise some money with some fresh, new shirts! We will be starting an online store soon that will enable you to receive a DIRTshirt as a thank you from us for your donation. Twenty people in the greater Portsmouth, NH area are already sporting theirs, when will you get yours?

Here’s the front of the new shirts…

And here’s a preview of the back:

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