Hurricane Sandy Relief – NY

Hurricane Sandy Relief – NY

Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (DIRT) has deployed an assessment team to New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with efforts focused on the Rockaway Beach region. After several days on the ground, Global DIRT is preparing to launch I.T. and coordination teams to assist in food distribution, ground communications, and emergency information management.

Food distribution is ongoing in Rockaway, NY. Global DIRT will begin to organize the effort and bring in computer equipment to better communicate what is most needed, where further assistance is needed, and ensure safe deployment and tracking of volunteers to distribute food and assist in clean up. As the recovery efforts continue, Global DIRT will launch an online platform in order to manage volunteers and provide a schedule for those assisting at the St Francis De Sales relief center on 129th Street in the heart of the effected community.

Hurricane Sandy | Global D.I.R.T. Disaster Immediate Response Team

The storm surges that affected New York resulted in massive infrastructure damage and the loss of ground communications, which have yet to be restored. Global DIRT is coordinating with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Deparment of Health and Human Services, and NGO partners to bring in satellite communications that will improve voice and data access to the community. This is critical due to the online and phone registration process necessary to file housing damage reports and disability reports, as well as allow local residents to request recovery assistance from government agencies.

Global DIRT is deploying an Information Management Team in order to track and monitor the latest information on the sewage, water, electric, academics, trash, medical, and security sectors. The team is coordinating efforts with the New York City mayor’s office, FEMA, and state utility services in order to generate the most up-to-date, accurate information to distribute to the general public in the storm-ravaged areas. The team is currently exploring options to deploy a Radio In A Box (RIAB) System in order to deliver daily information through an emergency FM radio channel. This will be the most efficient method of providing continuous updates to the people who need it most. Other communication mediums are currently less effective, due to the lack of electricity, intermittent cellular coverage, and the fact that the effected area is so wide-spread. If deployed, the RIAB team will distribute crank FM radios to the community.

Global DIRT is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) registered non-governmental organization. We rely on donor funds to accomplish critical missions around the world in times of need. Donate today to continue our mission in Rockaway/Staten Island. For information, or to volunteer, please use one of the email addresses on the contact page.

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